Breaking Bad Backlinks

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Getting Rid of of Bad Links
How do you get rid of bad links?

How do you get rid of bad backlinks?

If after auditing your site, you realise you have sites linking back to you that you suspect are of low quality, don’t panic!

You’ll recognise bad links if they come from a country where your main audience is not located (you are in the US and you have a bunch of random links from Albania? Not a good sign).

Maybe the link is hidden in a site that seems like the text was scraped right off another site (maybe even duplicated word for word).

If the anchor text* of the sites linking to you is ‘too optimised’ (for exact keywords you want to rank for, instead of a more natural mention of your site or business name).

Bad links won’t forever harm your page but you should take steps to eliminate them. How?

You can find the contact details of the website owner and ask them politely to remove the link.  If no one responds, or if you are asked to pay (see below for more on that), disavow** the unwanted links that can’t be removed. (This means that Google will not take these links into account when evaluating your website).

In a last case scenario, you could get rid of the entire page that is being linked to, and we’ve  known some to get rid of the entire domain if they have been severely penalised by Google (you will hopefully not reach this point!).

Should you Pay for Removal of Bad Links?

Most experts agree that is not a good idea to pay for removal of bad links to your site.

* Anchor Text: the hyperlinked text (that you can click on)

**Disavowing: Google has instructions on how to do this.

Expect to wait a few weeks for the link removal to be effective.

Always make sure you continue optimising your site and gaining new, relevant links. 

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