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SEO Audit Reports – How do I get More Traffic? Part 3.

in Academy. Last Updated on August 19th, 2019

In the previous post in this series, we looked at what each element of an SEO audit means.

Now that you know what your Free SEO Report has told you what you’re doing wrong on your site, you’re ready to start taking action, right?

But Watch this First.

Your goal is to present the right content to the right people and make sure they know you exist – and pick you over competitors. Selecting the right Keywords and placing them properly on your site plays a large part in this.

Watch this super short video on Keywords and reflect on 2 things:

  • Think as a potential visitor to your site would think. What would they type into the search box on Google?  Would they search “real estate agents in Florida”, or “vintage clothing boutique”?
  • Make a list of your top 10 keywords/keyphrases which your site will focus on.


Next in this Series: So your SEO Audit says your site’s too slow. Why this happens and how to fix it.

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