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Case Study: Wappa Paddle Boards

in Case Studies. Last Updated on December 28th, 2018

This week is starting off right with our Wappa Paddle Boards case study. They are low cost, eco-friendly stand up paddle boards that are high quality. Wappa’s founder Layne Pennel was kind enough to tell us a bit about how marketgoo has helped his site.

The site is built on Weebly’s platform, and also functions as an online shop where you can directly buy paddle boards. The site does a very good job of transmitting their value proposition up-front, and provides valuable content not only through their blog, but with FAQs, information on materials, options for people on a budget, etc. In short, the website is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in paddle boards.

Below are Layne’s answers to some of our questions:


How many hours a week do you dedicate to SEO?

That is a tough question. Currently I spend about one hour per week on SEO. However, I am constantly thinking about SEO every time I add a new page or do anything about my site. I make sure that I incorporate the different tasks marketgoo would have me do when the page is audited. When I started to use marketgoo, I probably spent 120 hours getting my site ship shape. Now, I’m waiting for all that SEO to keep taking effect.

In your opinion, what are the tasks you’ve completed or recommendations you’ve received from the app that are the most useful or you find valuable?

Technical improvements have been most helpful. I knew some SEO prior to joining marketgoo, but I have learned a lot from it too.

Most of all, I like the reporting tools. Keyword ranking on search engines, links, competitor comparison etc…

Did you evaluate other online tools before deciding on marketgoo? 

Yes, I looked at several other tools, but they seemed very expensive. The fact that I was able to get a discount through Weebly to try your service made it very cost effective to me. I believe that I am getting very good value for my money.

I also liked when I had trouble with your platform, that the founder/president responded directly to my concerns.

Have you noticed an improvement in your site traffic or actual leads since you started optimising for SEO?

I believe that traffic is improving, however, the site has only been live for 14 months. I notice that my Alexa ranking is continuously improving, and I am moving up in important keywords.

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