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Review: Philipp Berteit

in Case Studies, Local. Last Updated on February 1st, 2023

marketgoo works to help you optimise any site, no matter how niche the industry. Our user Philipp Berteit has a site where you can see and rent aerial work platforms and other machinery.  Improving online visibility in this market takes time, as it caters to hyper-local demand and competes for a relatively small pool of keywords.

Let’s take a closer look at Berteit Work Platform Rental, a German company that offers rentals and sales of aerial work platforms, construction machinery and similar equipment as well as the provision of related services. Let’s look at how Philipp Berteit improved his site’s visibility using marketgoo for

SEO for Specialized Equipment

To understand the SEO challenges that sites like Philipp’s face, let’s see what makes electronic and sound devices websites unique:

  • Many have a store and other eCommerce elements that need to be optimised
  • They have a high competition for product keywords
  • Many competitors invest in paid ads
  • Page 1 of the SERPs is often dominated by review sites, or Amazon listings
  • They may need to optimize for local search as well

So how did an SEO Tool like marketgoo for help Philipp get real SEO results? Keep reading!

User Profile

  • Using marketgoo for: 1 year 
  • # Sessions in marketgoo: 25
  • # Keywords tracked in marketgoo: 15
  • # Competitors tracked in marketgoo: 4
  • Website Platform: WordPress



# of keywords in Top 10 Google Results

Before: 7

After: 21

# of Ranked Keywords

Before: 162

After: 361

# of Backlinks

Gained +899 new backlinks

  • The most valuable features of marketgoo for Philipp are the Report and tasks with instructions.

marketgoo gives structured guidelines to improve SEO performance combined with analysis and a performance reporting tool for a more than reasonable price.

  • The site’s traffic has increased +30% since he began optimising with marketgoo
  • Philip has not needed to invest in Paid Search Ads.

The Keys: fixing technical errors and creating quality content

  • Philipp used marketgoo’s personalised SEO plan to optimize his website focusing on priority tasks first.
  • He has solved (and is continuing to solve) technical SEO errors and has optimised many individual pages on his site for specific keywords.
  • His site links to free DIY content focused on providing quality information and educating the visitor.
  • He has a presence on instagram and understands that his audience is looking for visuals of the amplifiers –  and offers just that. These images also appear in search results.
  • Philipp makes it easy for site visitors to contact him, even offering a Whatsapp contact.

I would definitely recommend marketgoo, it is a clear value-add at reasonable cost

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