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What does SEO look like if your whole site revolves around a blog? You still have to optimize in the same way.

Boost your Ranking

Blogging helps boost your SEO by positioning your website in search engines as a site that’s relevant to a searcher’s question. So what if your entire site is a blog? Well, then it’s even more important you make it as visible as possible to your potential audience!

Optimize your Posts

A lot of your blog’s SEO actually happens before you ever type a letter into your editor. When you use marketgoo, you’ll understand how to make SEO-friendly posts from the minute the topic idea hits you.

Easy keyword research and monitoring

Choose the Right Keywords

We’ll walk you through keywords, your rankings and traffic and you’ll see reports where your progress can be tracked.

SEO made Simple

Nervous about Titles, Meta tags, Alt-text and all this SEO lingo you see everywhere you look? We’ll demystify that for you in our step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

Users Love marketgoo

“I like that Market Goo Tells me exactly what I need to do and gives detailed reports of my progress.
There are many aspects of SEO that I was not familiar with. Using Market Goo has increased my awareness and enabled me to make the needed changes to get my website found.”

Jaci Cutforth

Coco & Leelee

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