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Corporate Site

We’ve all seen outdated, unoptimized corporate websites. Stand out from the crowd!

SEO is a ‘must-do’

Just because your site doesn’t have a shopping cart and is more about showcasing your brand and company, doesn’t mean that you can get away with not working on your SEO!

Monitor the things that Matter

Corporate websites are at a high risk of being outdated, including elements like flash and iframes that don’t always provide a suitable user experience, and not using keywords properly throughout the site.

Uncomplicated SEO

Additionally, with large corporation websites, there is not always the need for ‘enterprise SEO’. If your website is for a large corporation, but has a moderate amount of pages, then you will benefit from a simple tool like marketgoo in order to maintain the site’s SEO.

Is DIY SEO the right Choice?

If your site has pages for over 1,000 products and tens of thousands of pages, its best to go with an Agency or dedicated professional.


Users Love marketgoo

“What we like about marketgoo is how practical and easy it is to use. In no time, it gives us a complete picture of our website’s marketing effectiveness, with very detailed recommendations. We get the most out of marketgoo by setting a few minutes aside to follow the easy-to-understand suggestions and track our weekly improvements. Although we have only been using it for a short time, it’s already helped us tremendously. Our load time has been reduced by half!”

Irene Martín

Fundación Maior

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