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You’re not going to get a ton of traffic just by listing products on your eCommerce sites. You need SEO.

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If you need more traffic coming from search engines from people who will actually turn into customers, then you need to work on your SEO.

Guided SEO

Work on your SEO with marketgoo by completing the personalized tasks for your site, and continually monitor your site’s performance after you make changes.

Get Notified

As the owner of an ecommerce site, you have a high volume of products which can constantly be changing. This is why many online shops fall behind – it takes a lot of work to keep your SEO up to date with the changes in inventory. marketgoo notifies you whenever an issue arises or occurs again.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Make regular changes with marketgoo, even if it’s only a small one each day, and you’ll see how these improvements compound a make a difference to your online business.

Users Love marketgoo

“marketgoo has helped me correct many errors on my site, and I’ve improved my work routine thanks to the tool. My ranking on Google has improved with certain keywords and I’ve noticed this has driven customers to my site.The Support team has always been efficient, answering every one of my questions.”


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