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Small Business Marketing Tools & Resources

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Price: Free
What it does: record your screen with audio and instantly share it.
Great for: recording a tutorial/training, making a video introduction.

Price: Free
What it does: let’s you store and manage all your contacts from a single platform.
Great for: when you don’t have the budget for a paid CRM but still need to manages and keep track of your business contacts and leads.

Price: Free
What it does: provide an online directory and community where you can promote your business and learn from other SMBs.
Great for: networking, sales and learning from others.

Price: Free, paid option at $4.98/month
What it does: lets you play around with new themes & plugins before using them on your “real” WordPress site.
Great for: getting started quickly with WordPress, cloning your website to try out things you don’t want to do on your live site.

Price: Free
What it does: provides a library of illustrations you can adapt to your website’s colors and download.
Great for: making your website look a little more professional and polished.

Price: Free
What it does: online to-do list.
Great for: a basic to-do list that you can label and set priorities and due dates with.

Price: Free Trial, then starting at $21/month
What it does: schedule Instagram posts
Great for: when you want to plan your feed, automatically publish posts of all types, and analyze their performance.

Price: Free
What it does: provides a platform where you can list your business, provide details to visitors and manage your presence on Google Maps.
Great for: when you’re a local business that wants to increase online visibility and help people find and review your product or service.

Price: Free
What it does: beautiful designs without the need for a designer.
Great for: creating your own social media images, infographics and visual content.

Price: Free
What it does: gives you a large selection of free stock photos to pick from.
Great for: when you need to pick images for social media or a blog post.

Price: Free
What it does: free PDF editing tools and converter tools.
Great for: merging, eSigning, converting, splitting, compressing, editing your PDF files.

Price: Free
What it does: provides free video stock footage. 
Great for: getting high quality, cinematic style stock footage for your site.

Price: Free
What it does: helps you find email addresses.
Great for: when you’re trying to reach out to that executive for a business proposal, or you want to pitch a journalist but haven’t been able to find contact details.

Price: starts at $40 per month
What it does: creates your blog content for you.
Great for: when you get to the point that you need to create content for your site consistently and have no time.

Price: Free
What it does: gives you insights into how users find and use your website.
Great for: when you want to know where your site’s visitors are coming from, exactly how many visits you’re receiving, and how they navigate your site.

Price: starting at $25/month
What it does: create videos with text prompts. Enter any topic, and it generates the script, scenes, voiceovers, & tweaks the video at your command.
Great for: Faceless videos on YouTube, tutorial videos, etc.

Price: Free
What it does: checks your grammar.
Great for: when you’re writing proposals, publishing content and updating your site and you need to make sure you grammar is spot-on.

Price: Free
What it does: schedules your social media posts.
Great for: when you don’t have time to log in to your social profiles every day to share new content.

Price: Free 7-day trial, then starting at $99 per month.
What it does: helps you find a verified email address for anyone.
Great for:
finding emails and building contacts in an automated way.

Price: Free
What it does: helps you create a great looking logo without a designer.
Great for: when you need a logo but are on a tight budget.

Price: Free
What it does: software that makes scheduling appointments easy.
Great for: when you want appointment scheduling software with more features than a simple booking calendar-

Price: starting at $9.99 per month
What it does: create your own videos with easy to use templates.
Great for: when you need videos to share on social media and can’t afford to have an agency create one for you.

Price: $29.97 per month
What it does: get a full report on your site’s SEO status and an SEO plan with step-by-step instructions to fix issues and improve your site’s traffic and search rankings.
Great for: auditing your site’s SEO and fixing the issues preventing your site from ranking higher on Google’s search results.

Price: Free  
What it does: basically Canva, Promo and Shutterstock all in one platform.
Great for: when you’re doing basic graphic  in-house and/or you’re looking for an alternative to Canva Pro.

Where to Learn:

Google helps local businesses navigate the online world in this mix of online and real-world workshops.

This site is continuously updated with reviews, resources, and articles to keep your small business on top.

Meet other entrepreneurs and discuss tips, techniques, success stories and even get yourself featured. This forum isn’t really to promote yourself but to network and learn from others.

Another freebie from Google, they help you discover and use digital tools in order to succeed with your business, and you can get certified which can help you with your career goals.

While this group is mainly composed of side hustlers looking for advice and sharing tips and success stories, your small business doesn’t have to be a side hustle for you to discuss and learn about how to best grow and promote your business.

Just like its name suggests, when you’re dealing with your first ever site, these guys have the resources for you to learn about everything you were afraid to ask.

This blog focuses on helping out small businesses, and they offer resources and articles to improve your bottom line.

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