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"Organic lead volumes continue to go up month after month. Top of funnel leads make an instrumental difference in our overall monthly lead metrics"
Kristine Pratt
Director of Marketing

The Overview

Manta provides digital marketing services for businesses to help them grow online.

Before partnering with marketgoo, Manta was looking for a robust website analysis tool to provide value to potential customers, and help closing sales, generating leads and driving website traffic.

With marketgoo they got a consistent stream of leads, a sales-assist tool helping to regularly close those leads and strengthened relationships with customers while showcasing Manta’s value as SEO and marketing leaders.

More than just a Vendor

Website audits are essential for evaluating and improving a site’s performance in search engine results, and are especially important for prospective agency clients. marketgoo stays with you every step of the way.

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Generate Leads

Website reports help automate the process of capturing SEO leads. Manta customised their submission form and receives qualifying information & contact details in exchange for the report.

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Provide Value

Before leads convert, Manta is already showing how valuable their work can be and the depth of their SEO and digital marketing analysis and knowledge.

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Close Sales

Website reports allow for an indirect approach to sales in which the lead’s website issues and challenges are center stage & Manta can show their expertise to build trust.

“The product reflects exactly what we needed and wanted to provide to our customers. But the relationships and level of support is something very hard to find in any other provider.”
Kristine Pratt
Director of Marketing
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Improving Sales by Delivering Value

Before partnering with marketgoo, Manta was rapidly moving toward a new product and brand launch. They were looking for a solution to help close in on two main business goals:

This one analysis tool from marketgoo accomplishes both those things.

“The marketgoo team has stepped up and gone above and beyond for any technical issues we’ve come across. Meaning that we can continue to seamlessly accomplish two of our main sales and marketing objectives.”
Kristine Pratt
Director of Marketing
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The Proof is in The Numbers 🔎

Partnering with marketgoo has helped Manta reach their goals and positively influence some of their most important business metrics.  

“The tools allow us to regularly close leads because of a tangible report where we can walk through a customer’s weak spots on their website and talk through how our product can improve those errors and more.”
Kristine Pratt
Director of Marketing

What’s Next In The Partnership? 🤝

Manta is looking forward to new tools and innovations marketgoo will deliver and has confirmed plans to continue working with us:

“Because of the people & support, the product and it’s continued value to our business, the innovation the marketgoo team provides in regularly providing updates and enhancements and the robust nature of the Website Analysis tool and the information it provides”
Kristine Pratt
Director of Marketing

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