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"Over the last 6 years, marketgoo has proven to be among the best-selling partner products year after year, with low churn showing that customers are happy with the results."
Nadya Frost
CMO at

The Overview

The team was expertly getting customers to build and publish their online presence. They were developing and maintaining essential tools for online visibility (Website Builder, Online Shop, Webmail), but they identified a gap where they needed expertise: Search Engine Optimization.

With marketgoo’s SEO products as supplementary add-ons to hosting plans, was able to add a significant and consistent revenue stream for their business.

Challenges 🤔

How can we better serve our customers? strives to be the industry’s first choice one-stop-shop, aiming to provide services for all online presence aspects, including Search Engine Optimization. Back in 2016, their deep expertise in getting customers to build and publish their online presence was missing a piece: they needed experts in driving traffic to that online presence (SEO). Additionally, marketing solutions were, and still are, in high demand among their customers. Enter marketgoo.

“We understand that a comprehensive approach - rather than point solutions - is required to develop a successful digital asset, and marketgoo's products assist us in meeting that need.”
Nadya Frost
CMO at
to reach #1
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marketgoo for

Making Customers More Successful Is Key

As the team learned more about marketgoo’s SEO tools, they realized their effectiveness in helping customers improve their online presence and results would lead to a higher lifetime value. The experience for the customer with marketgoo is seamless – they acquire marketgoo in the regflow or as a bundle, and get started with their SEO report and custom plan with step by step instructions. If they’re on a Lite plan, they can upgrade as their site matures and receive support from agents that have been trained by marketgoo.

“Customers with well optimised, performing websites stay longer and recommend’s offering to friends and coworkers, further fuelling our business growth.”
Nadya Frost
CMO at
as #1
0 yrs

The Outcome 🚀

Satisfied customers spending more

Year over year, marketgoo has helped retain customers and increase average spend, having a direct positive impact on their revenue, even during the pandemic. When tracking the number of customers purchasing marketgoo, the revenue it generates, as well as number of activated marketgoo subscriptions bundled with premium hosting plans, marketgoo remains one of their top partnerships.

“When we have to give an example of a nearly perfect partnership, marketgoo must be mentioned. We have yet to face a problem that could not be solved, and we see excellent results with our customers. Overall, we are pleased with our collaboration so far.”
Nadya Frost
CMO at

What’s Next In The Partnership?

marketgoo tools enable the Partner to deliver value at the right point in the customer journey – covering all areas of online presence.

The marketgoo SEO app guides the user in optimizing their site in an easy, step by step way, and is available as a WordPress plugin which has recently added to their lineup. But that’s just the beginning. marketgoo is also enabling to launch upsell or conversion campaigns using a snapshot of a site’s SEO data points.

“Because marketgoo is always mentioned as a good product and a good partner, it was natural for our sister brands to express an interest in getting the product to their customers early on. marketgoo has done an excellent job of meeting this demand and has quickly initiated contact with our sister brands. Hostnet joined our Group in April 2020, and six months later we launched marketgoo at”
Nadya Frost
CMO at

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