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MarketGoo gives you easy, do-it-yourself SEO tools to improve your site’s rankings on Google, increase your traffic, and grow your online business. Watch the video to see how it works.
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    Layne Pennell
    I looked at several other tools, but they seemed very expensive. The fact that I was able to get a discount through Weebly to try your service made it very cost effective to me. I believe that I am getting very good value for my money.
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    Doug Wiley
    I have some technical aptitude but not enough for tools that are geared for developers and more savvy users. I am an overworked small business owner and not a web developer. As such I need a tool like MarketGoo that seems to have targeted small business owners as the primary users.
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    Alaina Stuckey
    It can be very difficult to piece together where your website is failing. MarketGoo shows me exactly what needs improvement and how to optimize it, specifically in terms of content and SEO. Those are the most valuable features to me because it helps me to improve my own efficiency.
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    Irene Martín

    What we like about MarketGoo is how practical and easy it is to use. In no time, it gives us a complete picture of our website’s marketing effectiveness, with very detailed recommendations. We get the most out of MarketGoo by setting a few minutes aside to follow the easy-to-understand suggestions and track our weekly improvements. Although we have only been using it for a short time, it’s already helped us tremendously. Our load time has been reduced by half!

  • MarketGoo has helped me correct many errors on my site, and I've improved my work routine thanks to the tool. My ranking on Google has improved with certain keywords and I've noticed this has driven customers to my site.The Support team has always been efficient, answering every one of my questions. In my opinion, the value I get from the tool is very good.
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    Brian Kellogg
    The best thing about MarketGoo is that it teaches me how to optimize my website for search engines and I see the results in just a few days. At any time, I can view where competitors’ websites are being linked from and see if they are using a new link directory to boost their rankings. I also like the fact that I can optimize several pages on my website, not just my first page.


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Video Transcript

If your site is on WordPress, you’ve made a great choice! You have an advantage when optimising your site for Search Engines, since around 27% of all websites use WordPress. This means there is a lot of information and plugins out there for you to choose from. However, going through all this information can be very time consuming, and plugins can help you with certain aspects of search optimisation, but they don’t really help you rank higher on search engines such as Google. To start ranking higher by getting more traffic, links, and creating relevant content, you need a tool like MarketGoo. MarketGoo takes the guesswork out of SEO by analysing your site, figuring out what you’re missing, what mistakes you’ve made, and what improvements you need to make. It then gives you recommendations with instructions on how to make these specific changes. All personalised for your site, and at a pace that works for you. There’s a plan for everyone and with our dedicated customer support, you can’t go wrong!

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