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January 2021 Product Update

in Product Update. Last Updated on February 9th, 2021

What a year 2020 was! We plan on consistently keeping everyone up-to-date with our product releases this year so expect that we will be delivering product updates in accordance with our cycles.

*Coughs!* *New Year Resolutions!*

Cycle Week Duration: September 28th – November 9th 2020

Our release for this period focused mostly on alignment with our end-users. Our product and development team determined that the marketgoo score generally becomes users’ focal point and is how they measure their progress within the tool.

This paved the way for us to dedicate resources to reflect this in the platform.

Now, the new marketgoo scan operates by reading individual site pages instead of scanning the whole website when checking a task. This means the focus is on the in-app task completion to move the score instead of relying on the SEO optimisation done on the website.

This solves one of the biggest frustrations for our users, that is —Completing tasks without any effect on the score.

From now on, every task completed in marketgoo has a direct impact rate that modifies the score upon completion.

New and existing users should see a noticeable upgrade with the score when accessing their marketgoo accounts.

score update in marketgoo

Cycle Week Duration:  November 23rd – January 4th 2021

For this cycle our team dealt with a critical part of providing a SaaS service which is solving performance issues and optimising our tool mainly in the aspect of scanning the websites that use our platform.

Other improvements we carried out for this cycle include:

  • Improved “Your Site is Not Live” Detection Issue

We  have improved the detection of scan errors so it’s more accurate and only displays the screen when there is a real scanning error code.

  • Improved detection of deleted or broken link pages

We have improved scanning and in-app notifications broken links detection to accurately inform which pages have been changed.

This means that if you have updated a URL for a page, we will automatically show which pages generated broken links so you can easily update them.

If you have any feedback or questions about these updates, please reach out – we’re happy to hear from you!

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