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marketgoo launches Free Instant Website Report to help SMBs improve online marketing results

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marketgoo launches Free Instant Website Report to help SMBs improve online marketing results. marketgoo delivers a free tool to help companies discover website improvement opportunities and measure website results.

Madrid and Austin, TX – June 17, 2013

marketgoo is a cloud marketing company, announced the launch of its latest product, a free tool that provides users with relevant information of website performance in search engines and social media sites.

Website owners can order free reports of their websites and obtain relevant information about search engine ranking, website popularity, several recommendations to improve the website and social media metrics. The Free Instant Website Report provides the user with a competitor benchmark that identifies online competitors.

“Businesses everywhere still need to understand the importance of online marketing activities. With the free tool just released we are looking forward to help business owners discover and compare their online marketing results with ease. The Free Instant Website Report is the first step for a SMB to be aware of strong and need to improve online activities” said Wences Garcia, CEO of marketgoo.

The tool is firstly available in marketgoo’s website and soon to be available for partners. A user can request the Report. marketgoo plans to provide an enhance version of the free tool to users willing to customize the information received.

About marketgoo

marketgoo ( / @marketgoo) is a cloud marketing and SEO product company. marketgoo offers easy web-based marketing solutions for businesses to improve their online presence helping non-savy users to implement effective digital strategies. The solution provides users with customized easy step-by-step SEO and Internet marketing action plans to increase their online popularity and beat their competitors. The company runs a cutting-edge technology platform built by marketing experts and former hosting executives. Hosting companies, providers and telcos are currently distributing the products in order to enhance their value added portfolio. marketgoo is available as a white-label, turnkey solution to monetize and educate website customers. marketgoo was founded in 2012 and is based in Madrid, Spain. For more information, visit

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