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How Free Marketing Tools help Hosting Companies & SMBs grow their Business

in Founder's Blog. Last Updated on July 28th, 2016

While wrapping up our participation in HostingCon 2016, I got to revisiting our Recap of the WHD event this past April. We have some new insights and conclusions after HostingCon which I will share soon; today I want to share the presentation I did during WHD because it remains relevant and serves as a good refresher on trends and opportunities for the Hosting industry.

I talked about how Hosters can use free tools in order to generate qualified leads. In this presentation, (edited for clarity) from my talk at WHD 2016, you’ll see examples of companies offering a free tool that is relevant to their core business, in order to generate leads and increase conversions. Hosting companies are in a unique position to benefit from offering tools to their customers, placing them right in the middle of an upsell path.

To give you an idea of my objective with this talk, it was to show how coupling a free tool with an optimized user experience and user psychology can be leveraged into growth for the Hosting business as well as provide real value to an SMB customer.

Take a look, reach out to me with any comments or questions, and stay tuned for my HostingCon 2016 recap!

*Don’t forget to expand the presentation to get the best view of the slides!

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