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REGISTER.ES  LAUNCHES SEO & WEB MARKETING TOOL POWERED BY marketgoo is marketgoo’s newest partner. Both companies announced the launch of an SEO and website marketing tool powered by marketgoo, available to new and existing customers as well as users not currently using their services.

MADRID, Spain — November 3, 2016 — and marketgoo announced the release of the Free SEO Report and Advanced SEO, an easy to use, “Do-It-Yourself” web marketing toolset anchored on marketgoo’s technology. It’s easy to use, budget-friendly, and aimed at small and medium businesses who want to take control of their online strategy and optimize their websites for search engines.

The way it works is simple:  Advanced SEO generates a report of the user’s website, listing improvements that should receive priority attention and simultaneously giving instructions on how it should be done. Features include:

  • User friendly, step-by-step website optimization checklist
  • Tasks and recommendations focused on increasing sites’ quality traffic and search engine results through relevant, incoming links.
  • Analytics to track progress, in a simple and visually appealing way.
  • Competitor tracking: the user can check on competitors and get details on how they are positioning themselves in terms of SEO.
  • Mobile: verifies how well the site works on mobile devices, and lists  improvements to be made.
  • Tracking and optimising for up to 20 keywords, so every page on the site attracts traffic.

We saw that current and potential customers needed an SEO and web marketing tool that didn’t overwhelm,  but at the same time was robust enough to enable full control of their businesses’ web presence, and empowered them with the knowledge to make site changes themselves.” –Roberto Fernández Grau, CEO & Founder.

A well established provider like deciding to expand their services portfolio and power their SEO offering with marketgoo, shows a tremendous vote of confidence in our technology and continuously updated tools, as well as an embrace of the market demand for SEO and web marketing solutions to be available from domain registrars and hosting providers.”  -said Wences García, marketgoo’s Founder and CEO.

For more information on the SEO offering, please visit: For information on how marketgoo can help your hosting company, please visit


Established in 1997 in collaboration with, allows for easy registration of domains in Spain and Latin America.  Managing over 100,000 domains, its core business is brand registration as well as all services a company needs to digitalize their own business like professional email, web tools, eCommerce, backup online, and it is continuously expanding the service portfolio available to its customers.

About marketgoo

Founded in 2012, Madrid-based marketgoo offers solutions for SMBs to grow their business online by providing powerful, yet simple and easy to use website marketing and search optimization tools. marketgoo is also available as a white label, turnkey solution to monetise and educate website customers. Partners such as Telcos, Hosting companies and providers are currently distributing it to enhance their value-added portfolios. For more information, please visit Contact Details: [email protected] Tel: +1 786 272 15 44

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