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Papaki launches RankingNinja, website marketing tools fruit of its collaboration with marketgoo

in Sin categoría. Last Updated on October 31st, 2013

Hosting provider Papaki adds website marketing tools to their offerings with the introduction of RankingNinja

Madrid, Spain & Heraklion, Greece – 31 October 2013 – Greek hosting provider Papaki is releasing today RankingNinja in an effort to provide its customers with an effective and easy to use website marketing toolset.

RankingNinja logo

This tool is a branded version of marketgoo, especially designed for Papaki’s clients, as it has been localized into Greek, but it’s also usable by its English-speaking clients.

It is designed to help website owners and SMBs improve their website marketing effectiveness. RankingNinja Business includes tools such as:

  • Website optimization for SEO
  • Link-building
  • Social media recommendations and walkthroughs
  • Analytics suite to measure search engine positions, inbound links and track competitors

Papaki also offers an additional product, called RankingNinja Monitor, which is a low cost solution that allows clients to monitor their performance and have access to all the analytics suite of RankingNinja at a fraction of the cost. This tool is specially designed for those clients that have a more advanced knowledge of website marketing but lack the tools to keep an effective track of their performance.

“We are thrilled to partner with marketgoo and be able to offer a great online marketing tool for SMBs to monitor and optimize their websites. For many years customers have been asking for the next steps after registering their domains names and hosting their websites with us, so this partnership will give us the opportunity to fulfill this gap and help them convert more” Fragkoulis Maounis, Executive Chairman of Papaki

This partnership is aligned with marketgoo strategy to cover different markets through partnerships with important hosting providers. It has proven a very successful strategy so far with important presence in in all five continents.

“We are delighted to have reached this stage with Papaki. It is an important partner for marketgoo in order to keep strengthening our presence in Europe, as it’s the most important hosting provider in Greece and our perfect partner in that country. They have proven excellent marketing capabilities, and we are convinced this launch will be a success” Wences Garcia, CEO of marketgoo

As a special launch offer all RankingNinja products will be temporarily available for early birds at a discounted rate of 50%. Additionally all clients will have access to a 15-day trial version of the product so they can get a glimpse on how useful this tool can be for their businesses.

Papaki started its business in 2004 and has grown to become the number 1 registrar in Greece. They will now be able to start enjoying additional functionalities in the marketing area with the inclusion of RankingNinja as part of the services they can access.

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