Product Update: December 2015

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Digital marketing is constantly evolving, forcing the industry to stay updated with the latest trends. That’s why at marketgoo we are working hard to give a boost to our Product with new, exciting enhancements that are going to be presented throughout 2016. Keep reading for our latest Product Update!

We also believe these new projects should come with improvements to our current platform. Among other features, marketgoo offers a portfolio of tasks that not only detect whether your website has issues that need to be fixed but also showing how you can implement those changes. What does this mean from a Product Update perspective? We have introduced new recommendations to our task engine and have improved others that needed a review:

  •  Facebook Page Plugin and Facebook Like Button. Facebook has updated their resources for developers, for example, the Facebook Like Box has been removed and now the Page Plugin should be implemented. For other resources such as the Like Button, the installation has changed.
  • Creating a Bing Webmaster Tools account. Not all your traffic is coming from Google so you should consider having a more Bing-friendly site. Bing Webmaster Tools will provide good data to analyze and help you troubleshoot potential problems.
  • Adding a Click-to-call feature. People visiting your site via a mobile device with phone capabilities should be able to easily contact you. Ad a click-to-call and they’ll reach you by simply tapping a phone number.
  • Including a contact form. A form is a quick way for your visitors to get in touch with you as well as sign up for your newsletter. Use it to generate a good lead database.
  • Improving blog postsIf blog posts meet certain criteria it is more likely that they will be shared. Make it easy for your visitors to love your posts following our recommendations.

These new tasks come to meet our main goal which is to help your website marketing success. In order to accomplish this, we must provide the best solution. Feel free to give us your feedback in the comments!

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