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Why is your Site not Making Money?

in SEO & Website Tips. Last Updated on September 25th, 2019

My site isn’t making me any money!

Whether you had grand dreams for your website or just started it to see where it would go, if you have asked yourself WHY can’t I make a cent off my website? you’re not alone.

Most of our users at one time or another have told us that it is much harder than they thought it would be to generate income from their website, and they don’t know where to start in order to make their site work for them instead of toiling for hours to improve a website for visitors that will never come.

Let’s focus on two reasons why you aren’t finding success with your site:

The right people can’t find you.

Who are these elusive ‘right people’? They are the ones in the market for what you have to offer. Since most searchers don’t get to Page 2 of their Google search results, if you don’t optimize your site well and with the right keywords (this is where Search Engine Optimization comes in), you won’t get very far in those results.

Getting found is a long and winding road which involves optimizing and maintaining your site, as well as producing content that is relevant for your visitors. You may have certain fatal SEO errors on your site, or you may have very little text and too many images. The possibilities are endless. To fix this, the quickest way is to get a tool like marketgoo (free trial here) that will diagnose your site’s errors, tell you what you’re doing right, and give you specific tasks you should complete to improve your site’s optimization. Improving in a variety of areas and selecting the right keywords (not only technical SEO) will help you attract the right kind of visitors.

Protip: if you’re a new or current marketgoo user and want to focus on only the basics due to time constraints, focus on the sections Optimize Your Site, Site Review and Mobile. Once you have those basics down (and fixed any errors), focus on Content.

Search Engine Optimization is the most sustainable and effective way to get the right visitors to your site. Something cool about doing it yourself is that you not only learn about it while you complete your tasks, you actually are forced to revise what your value proposition to potential customers is, and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Your website isn’t convincing those who do get to your site.

While we focus on helping you get found and get the right visitors to your site, you need to put in an extra effort into convincing them that they have an itch only you can scratch.

If you see in your site stats that you are getting a decent number of visits but no one is buying anything or even contacting you for more info, you are either attracting the wrong kind of visitor (someone who wasn’t interested in buying your stuff in the first place), or visitors are interested, but once they get to your page something’s turning them off.  

A relatively simple way to figure out what’s wrong, is to ask people. You can use a free service like Hotjar to put in a message box that asks users what brought them to your site, or whether they found what they were looking for.

Additionally, you could have a small focus group (there are sites like which take care of recruiting participants based on your specifications) and ask them point blank what they think of your site’s design, whether they understand what you’re selling, and most importantly whether they understand why they should pay for it.  You’ll be surprised with what you discover!

There’s your two things to look at before anything else.

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