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Cheatsheet: SEO for Bands and DJs

in SEO & Website Tips, SEO Cheatsheets. Last Updated on August 30th, 2023

If you’re a DJ, solo musician or form part of a band, so much time can be spent promoting your gigs, merchandise, interviews etc that you forget about your website! The process through which your potential fans can discover you doesn’t necessarily follow the same flow that other businesses do.

It is highly likely that a potential fan discovers you on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and other similar platforms, and then goes to Google to see whether you have a website, mailing list, or upcoming performance.

However, they may also find you in search engines, if they hear your music playing as a soundtrack for a video for instance, or if they Shazam one of your songs they’ll look you up afterwards on Google. Since you don’t have a straightforward funnel, you should aim to optimise your site for both these scenarios.

Go ahead, check out the cheatsheet and the tips below, and make sure you implement best practices so you can see your profiles do better in terms of visits!


Optimising on SoundCloud

Design an attractive profile image and avatar (you can use an avatar maker) for your records. Use genre tags, record label names, similar artists, adjectives that describe the song, and other popular songs with a similar sound.

Take a few hours per week to listen, follow, comment, and like the work of similar artists. Follow this guide for optimising your SoundCloud profile.


Use Reddit’s enormous community to drive more listens on your profiles. Follow these rules or otherwise you won’t do well (or could be banned).

YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Get found on it! Create your own channel to get subscribers, promote your music and cross-promote other channels. An important element to your channel are Playlists.

  • Make your content easier to discover by organizing it
  • Keep viewers on your content, in your channel
  • You can organize videos from any account into your playlists.
  • You can also rank in Google search with playlists


The key to massive Spotify recognition is to be in a position to be “discovered” by listeners, or by being featured in playlists. Follow this great guide to improve your chances.

Bonus: Follow these tips for your Instagram profile!

Already have your band’s website set up and want to see if you’re going in the right direction?

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