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Cheatsheet: SEO for Bakeries

in SEO & Website Tips, SEO Cheatsheets. Last Updated on August 30th, 2023

Promoting and doing SEO for Bakeries can become just as much of a full-time job as baking!

While social media is very important to your business’s promotion and you should definitely have a Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest profile, you also need a website. (More here on why a Facebook Page is not enough for your small business).  

Your website is an amazing opportunity to get new leads and your name out there. Keep reading to get tips on the most important elements for optimising your website for search engines, and getting more people to arrive on your site and place an order.

A bonus tip: include a free live chat icon on your site, and you could catch potential clients before they leave your site! Also, remember to include a Contact Form on your site.

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