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SEO Cheatsheet for Lawyers and Legal Firms

in SEO & Website Tips, SEO Cheatsheets. Last Updated on August 30th, 2023

Law firms, lawyers and everyone in the legal ecosystem truly benefits from well optimised websites. SEO for lawyers and legal firms is so important because people who search for them usually have a very specific reason for doing so, which is why it is critical that your law practise’s website be found.  Additionally, given that around 62% of legal searches are non branded (that means people are searching for “lawyer in Savannah, GA”, rather than for a specific lawyer or law firm), there is ample opportunity for your legal practise to get noticed and gain new clients through your website.

62% of online legal searches are generic – SEO is as important as ever for lawyers & law firms

Having said that, it is clearly an extremely competitive industry where you can’t afford to have technical SEO mistakes, and should go the extra mile to create content on your site and blog that targets the type of super-specific questions your clients are entering into Google Search.  Remember to have your website optimised for mobile searches, as some 31% of searches for legal services are made through mobile devices.

Did you know that more than 40% of small law firms do not have a website?

Finally, since more than 40% of small law firms do not have a website, you are already ahead of the pack by having an online presence. But don’t get comfy, there’s still work to do! Check out our cheatsheet for you below:

SEO for legal firms lawyers

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