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Small Business Spotlight: The arch out loud Team

in Small Business Spotlight. Last Updated on November 4th, 2017

This #SmallBusinessSaturday is all ARCH! It’s definitely one of the first websites of its kind to use marketgoo, and while because of the nature of what they do, referral and direct traffic is always high, they are still invested in SEO for their site. Read on:

Person behind the Business: The arch out loud team

Location: Denver, New York, Ohio, Texas

Platform: Weebly

Website Goal: arch out loud is dedicated to maintaining a research platform through which designers can explore contemporary issues and fronts of the architectural discourse through architecture competitions and publications.

Main Market: Design competitions

Main Challenge: arch out loud is an architectural research initiative dedicated to providing opportunities for designers to explore the current atmosphere of architectural and cultural thought.

Among the many formative forces in today’s society, geopolitical, spatial and cultural issues are demanding the constant rethinking of former ideologies. arch out loud was created to offer opportunities to examine the relationship between the oddities of culture and processes of the built environment.

Hosting open ideas competitions is arch out loud’s means of both researching the most pressing issues in society as well as igniting dialogue between designers at a global scale. arch out loud intends to explore innovative solutions, find better alternatives to convention and invigorate the field of design through the means of our organization and public platform.

What you wish you’d known before creating a website:
How to code

Brand Story: arch out loud was founded by architecture students in their undergraduate degree. The platform was created with the intentions to create a better way to compete within the design industry, express student and professional research and concepts to the world and connect international designers.

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