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Small Business Spotlight: Jim Irving of Les Essentiels USA

in Small Business Spotlight. Last Updated on August 25th, 2017

Today we present Jim Irving, who went from a career in high tech to launching his own online natural skincare store!

Person behind the Business: Jim Irving

Location: San Jose, CA (USA)


Platform: Weebly

Goal: Have a successful online store for organic beauty and skincare products

Main Market: those interested in organic skincare products, and particularly French organic skincare and beauty brands. Additionally, those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Main Challenge: I have a saying, “I don’t know, what I don’t know” and that is SO true!

After a 25-year career in high tech, to starting my own business three years ago as the USA partner/contact for our French bodycare company, this is ALL new to me. So it is a constant quest to learn from any source I can – “old-fashioned” hard copy article and books, online resources, mentors, etc. I’m trying to find the answers to questions I have now, but in a sense, to all those questions I may not have even thought of yet.
Not only learning for the moment and current situation, but anticipating and visualizing future scenarios to perhaps have the knowledge ahead of time to be prepared to make good decisions in that future moment.

Star Product: Hydrating Body Oil – Huile de Lumière

What you wish you’d known before creating an online store: What you wished you’d known… – How much I really didn’t know at the time! That wouldn’t have dissuaded my deep desire to be a partner of our amazing company or a small business owner, but this is a whole new experience with a learning curve that goes with it. This somewhat parallels my “Main Challenge” as there is so much to learn and of course that will never end.

Brand Story:

Les Essentiels-USA was created in 2013 and as an invested business partner to Les Essentiels in France, we provide a presence for the exciting opportunities in the United States market.

Established in 2003 at the beautiful Bed and Breakfast in the small village of Chasteuil in Provence, France to provide natural and organic bodycare products for their guests, the Les Essentiels product collection is now produced in Aix-en-Provence and found in Provence, Paris and beyond.

Our professional and personal ethics continually motivates Les Essentiels in providing skin and bodycare products of unparalleled natural and organic purity and quality, along with packaging that is ecologically responsible and recyclable. Due to the authenticity of our product collection and quest for excellence, we have been awarded a two star designation from the “Slow Cosmetics” association in France, in accordance with the strict European Cosmetic Regulations.

From Provence to Paris and beyond – Les Essentiels is your ideal sanctuary for skin and body care.

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