Small Business Spotlight: Heather Figi of Music for Young Violinists

in Small Business Spotlight. Last Updated on August 27th, 2017

Today we present Heather Figi, who has her own site for hosting free music sheets for young violinists as well as her online store for downloadable sheet music.

Person behind the Business: Heather Figi

Location: Oregon, USA


Platform: Weebly

Goal: Reach, connect and serve violin teachers with my products (instant download violin sheet music with a focus on multi-level violin music and teaching worksheets).

Main Market: Violin Teachers who specialize in working with violinists aged 4-14.

Main Challenge: SEO.

Star Product: My 3 top sellers are LARGE PRINT Music for Beginning Level Violin, Let’s Fiddle!!! and Holiday Joy – Traditional Holiday and Christmas Music arranged for Violin.

What you wish you’d known before creating a website: How important SEO is and how easy it is to follow checklists to streamline all components of creating a website, avoiding making as many mistakes and consequently spend time fixing all of my mistakes.

Brand Story:

I have been teaching the violin for 20+ years and love that I live in a time period where I can share music, ideas, and materials with like-minded musicians from all over the world. Music for Young Violinists began in 2014 as a way to share my first 4 collections of violin sheet music and has since grown into 20 collections of music, a violin pedagogy blog, video series and an entire page of free music, practice tools and teaching material.

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