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marketgoo Review: QC Electronics

in Case Studies, Corporate Sites. Last Updated on April 3rd, 2019

We’re always fascinated by the niche industries our users operate and thrive in! We know that improving website visibility when your site revolves around specialty tools or niche industry products is a major priority and that it may not be that easy even though it’s not extremely competitive like other verticals.

Today we’re looking at how Jeannine from QC Electronics improved her site’s visibility combining marketgoo with Paid Search. Jeannine’s site is focused on the sale of corona treatment equipment, but also has other offerings such as water jet cutting.

SEO for Industrial Companies

To understand the context of this User’s SEO wins, let’s see what makes this kind of site unique:

  • Some may have an online store and other eCommerce elements that need to be optimized
  • There is relative Low Competition in their niche, but they also deal with lower search volume for their keywords
  • Their target audiences are usually other businesses (B2B)
  • Their pricing is higher per item than regular retail/eCommerce and often prices aren’t listed on the site itself due to the nature of the sales cycle (personalized, high-touch), but rather they want visitors to ask for a Quote.
  • They need to produce specialized content on their website in order to educate potential clients on the products, services, and equipment that’s offered.

So how did an SEO Tool like marketgoo help Jeannine gain visibility in search? Keep reading!

User Profile

  • Using marketgoo for: 2 years
  • # Sessions in marketgoo: 35
  • # Keywords tracked in marketgoo: 15
  • Website Platform: Weebly
  • marketgoo Plan: marketgoo PRO


# of keywords in Top 20 Google Results

Before: 7

After: 10

# of Ranked Keywords

Before: 23

After: 33

# of Backlinks

Gained +79 new backlinks 


  • marketgoo was chosen among other tools because it was the most beginner-friendly
  • They consider the most valuable feature of marketgoo to be the Tasks
  • The site’s traffic has increased +25% since they began optimizing with marketgoo

QC Electronics has invested in Paid Ads (Google AdWords)

I find that combining the 2 (Paid Ads + marketgoo) gives me insight into what key words are most popular.

It helps me select the keywords I think our market uses most. 

The Keys: fixing technical errors and creating quality content consistently

  • Jeannine has used marketgoo’s simple, personalized SEO plan to optimize her website focusing on priority tasks first.
  • She understood that a lot of potential visitors were going to be searching for  Price Quotes and more information, so she emphasized calls-to-action for visitors to call, e-mail or directly request a quote through an online form.
  • She has not yet focused on social platforms, rather dedicating resources to improving the website’s positioning, because quality leads are mostly coming in through Organic and Paid Search. She understands where her audience is lurking and focuses her time on what works.
  • She’s been able to build links for the website without it having a core focus on a blog or content. This content creation will come eventually, but she has not waited around until the site is ‘perfect’ in order to work on getting it found.

Overall I’m really pleased with marketgoo. You have pointed out many ways for us to improve our website both for rankings and for our customers.

Tip: to build links for such a specific niche, besides using your site’s content and blog posts to attract links, you should also submit your site to the best-known directories for your industry. Here’s a list of manufacturing and industrial directories, and ThomasNet also has niche directories with very good reach.
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