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We love to see marketgoo users that are doing well with their online shops. One of these is Vaxt Kompaniet from Sweden, a shop that offers artificial flowers, floral supplies and floral accessories. As most sites, they are constantly monitoring their online visibility and looking for any opportunities for improvement.

Today we’re looking at how Karin Allringer improved her site’s visibility using marketgoo for

SEO for Artificial flowers, floral supplies & accessories

To understand the SEO challenges that sites like Karin’s face, let’s see what challenges websites in her industry will usually face:

  • They will have competition from Amazon, Pinterest, and Etsy listings
  • They should have a store, cart component and plenty of product pages that need to be optimised
  • They have a high competition for product keywords
  • Many competitors invest in paid ads
  • They may need to optimize for local search as well

So let’s see how an SEO Tool like marketgoo for helped Karin get real SEO results.

User Profile

  • Using marketgoo for: 3 years 
  • # Sessions in marketgoo: 45
  • # Keywords tracked in marketgoo: 13
  • # Competitors tracked in marketgoo: 4
  • Website Platform: QuickButik


# of keywords in Top 10 Google Results

Before: 0

After: 111

# of Ranked Keywords

Before: 2

After: 1003

# of Backlinks

Gained +14 new backlinks 

  • The most valuable features of marketgoo for Karin are the overall audit and site review where she can go to see her tasks, and the easy SEO explanations she gets from marketgoo.
  • She uses Google Analytics to complement marketgoo’s Report

marketgoo has helped me understand what is important and made me make changes I would never have made otherwise.

  • The site’s traffic has increased +1000% since she began optimizing with marketgoo
  • Karin has not needed to invest in Paid Search Ads.

The Keys: fixing technical errors and creating quality content

  • Karin used marketgoo’s personalized SEO plan to optimize her website focusing on priority tasks first.
  • She has solved (and is continuing to solve) technical SEO errors and has optimized many individual pages on her site for specific keywords.
  • The site is well structured and has intuitive navigation.
  • The product information is descriptive and unique and the product images are high quality and also unique.
  • The site has no speed issues.

I absolutely recommend marketgoo!

Karin is a customer and acquired marketgoo through her hosting plan.

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